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2019-6-19 10:37:21

What if you are lost on foot or other outdoor sports? These 5, 25-word golden rules are given to you to help you return to modern civilization!


1, go big, not go small

As the name suggests, it is to choose the main roads in the various roads in the mountains. There are two things to note about this:

First of all, in general, the roads in the mountains, as long as you follow the road, you will find someone. The so-called roads do not necessarily refer to roads or machine farms, but may also be mountain trails or fields. So what kind of path is the country road?

For example, there are many trails on a mountain. If one of them is a bluestone paving, the other trails are just the muddy roads that are stepped out. Then the bluestone road must be the main road, because only the main road is worth the locals. Use stone slabs.

If all the roads are similar, we need to determine which roads are often people walking, such as traces of people walking on the road, such as footprints, or things like plastic food bags or cigarette butts, and other roads. Less than the human and animal walks, the mud road with footprints is mostly the road.

For example, if the plants on either side of each of the roads do not grow up, the road is obvious, and the weeds on both sides of the trail are growing, then the road with less dense vegetation is definitely the road. Walking along the road, you can definitely meet people, this is only a matter of time.

Secondly, in rural mountains, you don't have to be completely stuck in a certain road. As long as you are in the right direction, you can walk at the top of the road.


2, go low and not go high

I remember watching a CCTV video film about a few college students who have no outdoor experience to wear the Qinling Taibai. After getting lost, the leader and his girlfriend disregarded everyone’s opposition and insisted on climbing to a higher place in order to get better. The vision and the way out, the result of a team divided into two, the other people went to the mountain to get help, and the leader and girlfriend eventually died, and paid a heavy price for their wrong decision.

Generally speaking, most people in the mountains live on the mountainside or at the foot of the mountain, and rarely live on the top of the mountain. If you want to find someone after getting lost and get help, then it is wise to go down the mountain and go to a low-lying place. After finding someone, don’t worry about eating and drinking, what are you worried about?


3, do not go dark

Ming, refers to the day, dark, refers to the night.

In other words, try not to go the night after getting lost. On the one hand, because you are not familiar with the road conditions, it is easy to have a safety accident when you walk the night;

On the other hand, walking at night, because you can't see the surrounding references, often makes you more lost.

So, in any case, once you get lost, once the sky is going to be dark, you must camp on the ground to ensure safety.


4, walking without water

If there is no road to follow after getting lost, then the stream or river is the best guide.

On the one hand, as long as there is water, it can effectively continue life. On the other hand, because the mountain people tend to live by water, there will be water sources not far from the home. Even if there is no water nearby, the farmer will use a thin rubber tube from the mountain. Divert water to the household. Follow the flow of the stream, and pay attention to whether there is a thin rubber tube on the ground. The possibility of finding someone is great.

It must be stated that the so-called water walking does not mean that it is necessary to walk along the water bank strictly. It is not required to walk in the water, but only in the general direction of the stream or river.

Mountain streams tend to be very steep on the shore, and it is easy to have disasters such as mountain torrents in harsh weather conditions. If the wading is very risky, if it is really dangerous, then I will become a sinister. Too dangerous is too dangerous, hehe!


5, go to peace

After getting lost, they tend to be anxious, hoping to find some shortcuts to get rid of the danger as soon as possible, so many people often make some risky behaviors when they encounter some dangerous areas, which leads to accidents.

There are quite a few incidents that lead to casualties and are related to the fall of dangerous locations. So when you're looking for a road, you'll encounter dangerous terrain. Try not to risk taking adventures or the like, unless you have no choice. I would rather take some roads, spend more energy, and don't put myself in a dangerous place.


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